A three week discovery of who God made you to be and how to live to bless others 


FLOW 1: Discover who God made you to be (personality and gifting) 

FLOW 2: Strip away the lies about your identity

FLOW 3: Believing the truth about your identity & living out and blessing others


Our expectations and goals

  1. What you put into FLOW--in regard to thoughtfulness, reflection, and group honesty--you will get out.
  2. Unite with others who have the same heart and vision, but different gifts, cultural backgrounds, and networks
  3. Affirm each other’s gifts and destinies
  4. Weed out lies and misperceptions
  5. Share and enter into life stories, paying special attention to the thread of suffering/difficulty
  6. Make time for one another by living life together
  7. Look and listen (to the Holy Spirit) to where and to whom we can be a blessing