SERVE teams

Love the Campus

There's one word that describes this team: Influence. This serve team of 7-10 people meets weekly for outreach on campus. Our first mission field is college students! We want to love students, serve them, and increase the presence of Jesus in their life. This team will work strategically and creatively to love and serve students on and off campus in Jesus' name.

Hand out free popsicles on a hot day, giving out candy and other acts of kindness before common exams or offer free water. We take every opportunity to engage in acts of generosity that foster relationship and display genuine care and concern for the lives of others. We want to LOVE THE CAMPUS.

Ripple of one

This team partners with Ripple of One in Seneca. Ripple of One's mission is to "empower families to move beyond public assistance and into their full God-given potential." Ripple mainly works with mom and kids/youth. This serve team will help in the Ripple Resale store, collect items for the store, help with special events, and assist with kids at The Well once a month on a Thursday night (yes, you'll miss Refuge worship once a month, but for an excellent reason!). There is also an opportunity to mentor a youth weekly, although it's optional. 

International students

This serve team is about relationships, making new friends, and learning culture. The team meets weekly, typically Wednesday evenings. 

There are 1460 international students at Clemson from 89 different countries. Leviticus 19:34 tells us, "You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God." We reach out to love the world that has come to us as we in turn learn so much from them! 

Palmetto Village

This team meets on Fridays from 3-5pm at a nearby apartment complex to spend time with kids and youth. They also host seasonal get-togethers around holidays and breaks. Team size is 8-10 student, and we need both male and female.

Our goal is befriending our neighbors for long term relationships that preserve the value and dignity of local residents. It is easy to see certain neighborhoods as social and economic weaknesses. We can choose to dwell on these weaknesses, or we can choose to see potential. We can choose to see marginalized individuals, or we can choose to see friends and neighbors. This team will take the posture of learners by working together to build friendships for the restoration, peace, & empowerment that Jesus brings to us all.  


Prayer exists to help students nurture personal prayer and connection to God while learning about intercession and identity. The prayer team will meet weekly on Tuesday nights. Prayer is a ministry of students interceding on behalf of BCM, the campus, and Clemson. The goal is to learn about prayer, learn who we are, and what it means to persevere in prayer. 


Media is a serve area for students with a passion for videography, video editing, graphic design, photography, or production. Students will work together on projects or on individual assignments that will be the creative arm of BCM and tell the BCM story. This team will gather every other week as a group to dream and plan.