CU Friends

AKA: "Friends of Internationals - Clemson BCM"

We believe International Students, in North America

are the most strategic agents

to fulfill the Great Commission. 

What's Next?   

- It's time to begin thinking about Thanksgiving. 

  • This uniquely American Holiday offers us the opportunity to open our homes to International Students.
  • Please consider inviting 2 (or more) international students to join your family for Thanksgiving this year.
  • Register to host students here:

- Here's why:

  • Read about why we host students here: International Students: KEY
  • Jesus loves international students (and you) even more than I do. He desires that they have a way to know Him. You could be their link. He may be inviting you into the experience of sharing His love.

- Here's how:

  • This year's dates: 

         - Thanksgiving Break (Wed-Sun - November 21-25, 2018)

         - Repeat at Christmas (between: 12/15/2018 and 1/08/2019)

  • Register to host students here:
  • Some things to consider:
  • What does it mean to truly be thankful?
  • How many people are already coming to your home?
  • How many outsiders can you comfortably accommodate?
  • How will you prepare yourself and your family for the experience?
  • How will you share the Good News about Jesus with your guests?
  • Register to host students here:

- Funding Friends of Internationals

As a Mission Service Corp (MSC) Missionary, I am responsible for raising my family’s financial support. This may come as a surprise to many of you, but we are not funded through the Cooperative Program. It is primarily families, like yours, that support us through monthly contributions. If the LORD leads, your support would be greatly appreciated. 

You can learn more about funding here: funding-cu-friends

To begin supporting us is not hard. Simply pray, discuss with your family and visit: From there you will enter an amount and click Give. Then you will be able to choose to make it recurring, the type (credit card, check or PayPal), & fill in your information.

We have been operating well under our budget and really need your support. Here are some numbers to help you see clearly our need: 

  • Our Monthly Salary Goal: $5,400.00
  • Average Monthly Income (2017):  $3,821.13 (71% of goal)
  • Average Monthly Income (2016):  $3,677.75 (68% of goal)
  • Average Monthly Income (2015):  $3,764.50 (70% of goal)

Help Us Finish 2018 Strong. 

Become a Financial Partner Here:

We also ask churches to promote & collect an annual "Independence Day Offering for International Student Ministry."

Thank you for all you do to make ministry to international students at Clemson possible.

- Other Great ways YOU can get involved:  

           - Join a Friends of Internationals event and get to know some International Students  

           - Become a Host Family for International Students (Info at CAIF Website

           - Help with a Discovery Bible Study group. (Introduction to the DBS vision / Anatomy of a DBS.)

Check our Facebook Group (Friends of Internationals-Clemson) or Event Pages for the latest and more detailed info.

Helpful Links:

If you would like to volunteer with Friends of Internationals-Clemson BCM, please fill out the form below.